Endorsed and Supported by The Longwood Police Department and 'Teamsters Local 385'

Endorsed and Supported by Retired Army Lt. Colonel Johnnie Richardson

Longwood more than ever needs to move forward with fresh innovated ideas to bring businesses back into the city. Longwood needs a fresh face on the City Commission that will work hard for its’ residents and the business community alike and one who will challenge the status quo at every turn and oppose those special interest groups or individuals in the pockets of some of Longwoods’ elected officials. Longwood needs a new voice on the Commission that would best represent the residents of the City of Longwood and its’ business Leaders in a fair and unbiased manner. That’s why I am highly endorsing Mr. Ben Paris to be elected to represent Longwood City Commission District 3.

Johnnie D Richardson Sr.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army Chairman and President JDR & Associates Home Inspections Chairman, Seminole County Historical Society Former Vice Chairman, Longwood Land Planning Agency Former Retired Security, Manager Lockheed Martin Corporation

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

After years of serving you as a Longwood city employee, I have taken the next step in my public service career by running for the Longwood City Commission in District 3. My experience in Longwood has shown me both the challenges we face as well as the great potential our historic city holds.

I believe Longwood’s future can be bright, with leadership that works FOR YOU...

I believe in an open and transparent government, which allows everyone’s voice to be heard. TERM LIMITS are key to keeping Longwood from growing stagnant, while also promoting growth and progress. Putting an end to lifetime terms will create new opportunities that allow our fellow citizens to actively participate in our city’s government and future.

Longwood needs A BETTER WAY TO GOVERN. We must work toward stronger City/County cooperation to help us address issues like road maintenance and poor drainage. We can and should institute clear, open and fair bidding on all city contracts to help reduce overall costs. We must maximize the efficiency of our building department to ensure that new development and redevelopment are encouraged… not hindered.

With the progression of Longwood’s SunRail station, I want to encourage the growth and utilization of this new mode of transportation. I will work to provide incentives for businesses that take steps to address our transportation congestion problems, such as encouraging to use the rail line. We can do this through a partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation and Central Florida’s ReThink initiative.

Longwood residents deserve A CITY HALL THAT DELIVERS SAFETY FIRST. We should maximize the capabilities of our Police and Fire Departments as well as our growing Citizens on Patrol program. KEEP LONGWOOD’S POLICE AND FIREMEN IN LONGWOOD.

In the coming weeks, I respectfully ask for your support and your vote. I look forward to sharing stories of our success as we continue this exciting campaign.

Please remember to Vote for Ben Paris on November 4th, 2014!

Thank you in advance for your strong and generous support.


Ben Paris

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